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Information of UVC 280nm LEDS

As early as 1801, scientists put forward the hypothe-sis that the lethal effect of the sun could be attributed
to energy corresponding to the invisible ultraviolet (UV)bandwidth. Since then, many advances have been
made in the understanding of UV light, and numerous UV-based technologies have been developed as a
result. In particular, UV is now widely used in water treatment, both on a large scale for potable water and on a smaller scale for obtaining water suitable for analytical and research laboratories.
For years research, The 280nm wavelength falls in the germicidal range, whose wavelength is well transmitted through water. The 280 nm UV lamps have been widely used for to kill or inactivate micro-organisms and prevent bacterial growth and contamination in water purification systems.
While on the other hand ,280nm deep uv leds are also widely used in medical system,air purifier ect.
The UV bandwidth occupies wavelengths of between approximately 100 nm and 400 nm in the
electromagnetic spectrum; it is sandwiched between those of X-rays and visible light .
The UV bandwidth is formally divided into UVA (black light), responsible for sun tanning and sunburn, UVB, which is believed to induce skin cancer, UVC, whose energy has germicidal properties, and vacuum UV.
The energy generated by the vacuum UV wavelengths is the highest and can induce the formation of ozone from oxygen.


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